Michael Backes
Prof. Dr. | Faculty

Curriculum Vitae

Michael Backes is the director of the Center for IT-Security, Privacy, and Accountability (CISPA) and a full professor at the Computer Science Department of Saarland University where he holds the chair for Information Security and Cryptography. He is moreover a Max Planck Fellow of the Max Planck Institute for Software Systems, the speaker of the SFB on Methods and Tools for Understanding and Controlling Privacy, and a Principal Investigator and Vice-coordinator of the Cluster of Excellence on Multimodal Computing and Interaction (MMCI).


  • 2004 – IBM Outstanding Achievement Award for contributions to Enterprise Privacy Architectures;
  • 2004 – Microsoft Award for outstanding research in privacy enhancing technologies;
  • 2005 – IBM Research Division Award for contributions to Web Services Security;
  • 2007 – Fellow of the Max Planck Society;
  • 2007 – CS Teaching Award of Saarland University;
  • 2008 – IBM Faculty Award;
  • 2009 – ERC Starting Grant;
    END2END Security
  • 2009 – MIT TR35;
  • 2009 – CS Teaching Award of Saarland University;
  • 2011 – IEEE Outstanding Community Award;
  • 2013 – ERC Synergy Grant;
    imPACT: Privacy, Accountability, Compliance, and Trust in Tomorrow's Internet
  • 2014 – IEEE Outstanding Community Award;
  • 2014 – CS Teaching Award of Saarland University;
  • 2014 – acatech Academy Membership;
  • 2017 – CNIL-Inria Award for Privacy Protection 2016;
    CNIL-Inria Award for Privacy Protection for his paper \"ADSNARK: nearly practical and privacy-preserving proofs on authenticated data\" (Co-authors: Manuel Barbosa, Dario Fiore, and Raphael M. Reischuk).