Full Reference Monitoring for Android Intents

Towards Native Client Executables via Binary Translation on the x86 Platform

Hardening Intel SGX enclaves against memory safety exploits

Curious Volunteers: Anonymity Impact of adding Tor nodes

Making Chromium´s Certificate Transparency integration more accessible

Extracting and Modeling Typosquatting Errors from Large-scale Passive DNS Data

Static Analysis of Non-interference for Android Apps

CRRP: A Cryptographic Protocol for Coercion-Resistant Rating Platforms

Time-to-Live based Trilateration

Anonymity Guarantees for Tor Hidden Services


Applying Privacy Case Law to The Right to be Forgotten

Partially Oblivious Pseudorandom Functions: A Generic Approach and an Impossibility Result

Towards Compiler-Assisted Taint Tracking on the Android Runtime

Toward a Backward-compatible API for Defining Fine-grained App Policies on Android

Security Analysis of Telematic and Emergency Devices in a Modern Car

Security Analysis of Mobile Banking Apps

Cold boot attacks and the error model of DRAM modules

ArtHook: Callee-side Method Hook Injection on the New Android Runtime ART

Argumentation Mining for the Sake of Privacy

Correlating BGP and Traceroute Data

The MATOR Addon: Accessible Quantification of Tor Anonymity for the Tor Browser


Application-level Firewall in Stock Android

Developing a RiskScore for Android Applications

Evaluating the Effectiveness of In-app DRM Systems for Android

Identifying the Optimal Permission Set of Android Applications

System Centric IPC Call Chains for Android

Verifying the Internet Access of Android Applications


A Developer-Centric Approach to Dynamic Permission System

Generic Access Control for Extensible Web Applications within the SAFE Activation

Lime: A Framework for Data Lineage in the Malicious Environment


A Framework for Security-Oriented Distributed Programming

Analysis and Mitigation of Information Leaks in Web Browsing Traffic

Autonomous UAV

Computational Soundness of Interactive Primitives

Model-based Monitoring for Sensitive SCADA Systems

Privacy Presserving Surveillance and Face Recognition

Securing User-data in Android - A conceptual approach for consumer and enterprise usage

Security Analysis of Browser Extension Concepts

User-controlled Internet Connections in Android

Verifiable Security of Prefix-free Merkle-Damgård


Anonymous Webs of Trust

Automatic Verification of Equivalences of Cryptographic Games

Computational Soundness of Passively Secure Encryption in Presence of Active Adversaries

Game-Theoretic Notions of Incoercibility

Low-Cost Byzantine Fault Tolerant Replication for a Cloud Environment

Mechanized Formalization of a Transformation from an Extensible Spi Calculus to Java

Towards a Formal Sematics for G2C Summary

Universally Composable Relativistic Commitments


Formal Verification of ElGamal Encryption using a Probabilistic Lambda-Calculus

Type-Based Verification of Electronic Voting Systems

Automatically Verifying 'M' Modelling Language Constraints

Digital Watermarking: Methods and Applications for Digital Images

Anonymity in Online Polls

Formale Analyse von Mastermind

Formalization of Game-Transformations

Moment Preserving Diffusion in Image Processing

Speaker Recognition in Encrypted Voice Streams


Rational File Sharing

Anonymity and Censorship Resistance in Sematic Overlay Networtks

Security Despite Compromise with Zero-Knowledge Proofs

Computational Soundness of Symbolic Zero-Knowledge Proofs against Active Attackers under Relaxed Assumptions

SPI2F - A Prototype Code Generator for Security Protocols

Computing Information-theoretic Bounds for Unknown Message Side-Channel Attacks

Hiding Malicious Postscript Code and How to Define Undetectabilit

Caspa - Mechanized Verification of Security Protocols using Causality-based Abstractions

Expi2Java - En Extensible Code Generator for Security Protocols

Sicherheitskonzept an einem Rechenzentrum

Acoustic Side-Channel Attacks on Printers


Formal Specification of the x87 Floating-Point Instruction Set

Efficient Long-term Secure Universally Composable Commitments

MD5 Collisions on Multimedia Files

Quantenbasierte Koordination von Multiagentensystemen


On Key-dependent Encryption

Design und Implementierung eines Sync-ML Clients für das c`man-Framework für Symbian Gerät

Mechanized verification of Security Protocols Using Causality-based Abstractions

Cryptographic Soundness of Simpler Symbolic Signatures and Authentications

Multiparty Computation in an Asynchronous Network

Trust Model for eVoting

LAN Crypt Gateway and Secure Browser Access

Implementing Fuzzy Identity-Based Encryption