Lecture Type
Prof. Dr. Michael Backes
Kickoff-Session Tuesday, 19th April 2016, 18:00
Building E9.1 Room 0.06
3-4 meetings in April/early May
Presentations in June
Exact dates and times upon agreement.
Email to advisors
Office hours
By arrangement, Email to advisors
English (correspondence in German is ok, coursework is in English)

Latest News

  • 26.04.2016: You can still register for the seminar until Tuesday 26th (our How To session)
  • 04.04.2016: The course website is online


In this course, we will give you introductions into the methods used for usable security and privacy research. We will present you
research topics – you are welcome to bring your own ideas! – that focus on usable security and privacy. You will program an application
(either mobile or desktop) that helps answer your research question, use it to conduct a user study – the other seminar participants
will be your subjects, and you will take part in their user studies, too – and evaluate it. You will write a short report that motivates
your research, gives an insight into related work, presents your tool, your study, the results and their implications. In the end, you
will give a short presentation about your insights.

Assignment and Grading

You will write code that should work. You will conduct a user study and participate in user studies (participation is mandatory;
otherwise your fellow students will not be able to test their hypotheses). You will write a report and give a presentation. You will be
graded only if you were present during the mandatory sessions and for the assigned user studies. Your grades will be based on your
course- and homework (i.e. the tool, the study design), your written report and your final presentation. We will provide guidelines that
should be followed to obtain very good grades.