Lecture Type
Prof. Dr. Michael Backes
Intro lecture (23.10.2015)
How-To Session (25.11.2015, 19:00 CT)
PC Meeting (08.01.2016, 09-17:00)
Conference (28.-29.01.2016, 09-17:00)
Office hours
By arrangement, Email to Sascha Fahl

Latest News

  • 30.09.2015: The course website is online


If you choose to register for our seminar, you will become familiar with the most important research of the last decade in Usable Security and Privacy. Simulating a computer science conference’s review process, you will critically read and review papers, give short presentations and discuss the papers with other participants in a weekend seminar.

The topics will include (but are not limited to) usability challenges of passwords, warning messages, TLS and permission systems.

Mailing list

Once registration is complete, we will set up a mailing list you can use for general discussions and to ask questions.

We will also set up a conference paper management system where you will need to register to get access to the research papers and submit your reviews.

Assignment and Grading

You will write 3 critical reviews for research papers, write one rebuttal based on 3 reviews for one paper, write one meta review based on 3 reviews and one rebuttal, present one paper critically in a 5 minute lightning talk and present one paper in a 10 minute presentation plus a 5 minute discussion of what could have been done better. You will discuss other students’ presentations and reviews critically. Grading will be based on your written work, your presentations and your participation in the discussion of the papers.